Fenech Feud Update 11-11-21

I was thrilled to have my son join us tonight. He told me he wanted to help me raise money for the Old Newsboys to make sure that all the kids in Genesee County get a Christmas. On his first night he brought in a total of $104 for my beloved charity! Congratulations on a job well done, Parker!


(Updated 11/11/2021): The Thursday Night Tournament is currently underway with Finals slated for early 2022. For Season 14, we are raising money for the Old Newsboys of Flint, who provide a box with life essentials and an age-appropriate gift for Genesee County kids who wouldn’t otherwise have a Christmas.

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FENECH FEUD THREE-WAY: As opposed to a 50/50 raffle, ours is a weekly drawing that is split three ways. Here’s how it works.

1/3) Charity Jackpot Money the Fenech Feud will donate to the Old Newsboys of Flint at the Tournament of Champions. Many of our weekly and tournament winners will donate their money back to the cause, and others like to make a straight donation which makes this number generally much higher than the other two numbers in the Fenech Feud Three-Way.

1/3) Tournament Jackpot – Money we will give away to the winners of the season at the Tournament of Champions. This is the running total as we add to it each week.

1/3) Weekly Jackpot – Money we give away to the winner of the weekly drawing. This amount varies based on the contributions of the crowd each night.


Weekly Jackpot: $31.00 *Hawk won and donated his winnings to the Old Newsboys of Flint.

Current Tournament Jackpot: $31.00

Current Charity Jackpot: $104.00 *In addition to Hawk’s donation, we raised an additional $42 for the Old Newsboys for a nightly total of $104.00, which is also our current grand total for the Old Newsboys of Flint. Thank you for your support!

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