Behind The Scenes: Just Bob’s 420 Contest [VIDEO]

Whether it’s “Match Game Monday… on a Wednesday” or “Classic Karaoke”, I always have fun with some sort of contest during the Punch-Out Party on 103.9 The Fox.  Many have evolved and traveled with me from station to station, a lot of them starting at 106.1 KissFM almost 20 years ago.

But of all my crazy contests, I get more compliments on “Just Bob’s 420 Contest” than any other contest I’ve done throughout my 25 year radio career.  It started as an occasional feature popping up once a week or so during the ride home.  But when Bryan Pelkey and the staff at 2 Steps Higher Head Shop wanted to sponsor it, we decided to make it a daily feature, and move it to 4:20pm weekday afternoons.

So how does this particular radio contest work?  I put together a quick 4 minute 20 second video so you can get an inside look at how it all comes together!  Enjoy!

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Born and raised near Flint, Michigan, Jeremy is a lifelong radio geek who looks for the fun in every situation. His radio career spans over 25 years, and has taken him all over the Midwest as 'Jeremy Thompson', 'Just Bob', 'Dave Edwards' and even 'Bud Green'! A family man with a loving wife and three awesome kids, Jeremy also serves as the Program Director for 103.9 The Fox, Flint's Classic Rock Authority.

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