What Should Jord N*Sain’s New Official NTP Crew Name Be? [POLL]

I’ve had many, many, many names on the air and on stage. From Dave Edwards, to Jeremy Thompson, Bud Green to Kramer, Fenech the EntertaiNerd to Just Bob… and the list goes on and on! Go ahead, take your pick!

But of all my names, coming up with Just Bob was my favorite. We decided that for my first week on the air, we were going to let listeners vote for my name. Some of the options were Romeo, Zorro, Fabio… yeah, they were bad. I asked what I would go by until we had a name. My boss asked for a suggestion. Jokingly, I said, “Bob!” He said, “Bob what?” I said, “No, no… Just Bob!” That was the first of many hundreds of times I’ve had to correct people over the years.

By day four of voting, a listener asked by Just Bob wasn’t an option in the voting, so we added it. With just a day left to vote, Just Bob got more votes than any other name combined. So that being said, we need to name Jordan!

Now that Jordan is more than simply a member of Just Bob’s elite Party Crew 2.0, but an official Nite Time Party host, he needs a more fitting nickname. I initially came up with ‘Phat J’, he didn’t really like that. In the style of N*SYNC, I thought of Jord N*Sain. Looks good on paper, but doesn’t really sound good on the mic.

Click here to suggest names on our Facebook page, and we will open the polls after the weekend suggestions!

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