Jeremy’s Original Music “Don’t Wait Too Long (Part Two)” [AUDIO]

Are you going through a breakup?  Do you know someone that is? This song was written just for you!  I can’t believe that it’s been 15 years since I re-wrote this little gem! 

When I was a teenager, my friend Josh and I wrote a bunch of songs.  Some together, some on our own.  One that stuck out when I was a kid was called “Don’t Wait Too Long”.  I wrote the original when my Great-Grandfather passed away.  Not my first Great-Grandfather… my Great-Grandma had just remarried to a man named Joe.  He loved her like she had never been loved, and it was heartbreaking that she finally got that happiness but then it was taken away far too soon. That’s what gave me the idea behind the original “Don’t Wait Too Long”.  I decided to rewrite it when I was going through a really rough break up.  There are so many emotions that you have to get through when going through the end of any relationship, and I feel I really captured it with this song.

There are two “mixes” of this song, and that was intentional.  Inside the mind of  someone going through a break up, you never know if you want to move on, or wait in the hopes that the other person will change their mind.  I took that thought and incorporated that mindset accordingly. The full album version is longer, more drawn out, and the ending sounds like a clock ticking… “Maybe there’s still time? Maybe there’s still a chance?”

Jeremy D. Fenech – “Don’t Wait Too Long (Part Two)” Album Version

On the other hand, the radio edit is more to the point from the start.  Almost as if to say “let me just tell you the story and be done with it.”  The same comes through in the abrupt cold ending.  There’s no time for rethinking this, the decision to move on has been made.

Jeremy D. Fenech – “Don’t Wait Too Long (Part Two)” Radio Edit

Starting out with an almost too happy feel, you can feel the love at the beginning of the song.  During the breakup in verse two, you can hear the tone change.  There’s a different style, almost a sadness in the guitar, and yet there’s a forced happiness in the music, like when you try to smile when it’s the last thing you really want to do. The third verse really reflects the confusion when you realize that all your mutual plans are gone and your future is empty. The realization that your rock, the person you trusted more than anyone, is gone. And the final verse is where everyone needs to get eventually if you’re ever going to get over the past. You need to get on with your life and accept that you’re better off on your own.  Being able to accept the situation allows you the closure that you truly need.

Fifteen years later, I am happily married to who I now know is my soulmate.  Ironically, I still keep in touch with my ex.  In the end, we were lucky enough to find a way to find our way back to friendship.  My wife and I realize that I wouldn’t have been where I needed to be or who I was without my time with my ex.  I am grateful for that.  Every relationship shapes the person you become, never take that for granted.

Which version do you like better?  Let me know in the comments below.

(C)2003 Jeremy D. Fenech
All Rights Reserved
Music by Jeremy D. Fenech, Chris Akers and Joe Blair
Performed by Jeremy D.Fenech and Bryan Bourdeau

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