Fenech Feud Drinking Game

How can you enhance your experience while enjoying ‘The Fenech Feud? Play ‘The Fenech Feud’ Official Drinking Game! But please make sure you play in the safety of your own home, or have a designated driver if you’re watching in person!

Here’s how it works. Watch The Fenech Feud at a local venue near you. Some of the drink cues will be announced by the host, and others will not. This is the constantly growing list of game drinking cues. As long as you’re not driving, do the following:

  1. First and foremost, make sure you have a designated driver.  Then… DRINK!!!
  2. Whenever a team successfully steals the pot… DRINK!!!
  3. Whenever a contestant answers with a private part (meat curtains, meat stick, fun bags, etc.)DRINK!!!
  4. Whenever Jeremy and the crowd yell, “Hey, Idiot! Shut the f___ up!”DRINK!!!
  5. Whenever Jeremy or any member of Jeremy’s Party Crew screw anything up… DRINK!!!
  6. Whenever a team reaches 420 points or more (sometimes 240 for dyslexics)… DRINK!!!
  7. Whenever the pot reaches 420 points… DRINK!!!
  8. Good sportsmanship between players (handshake, etc) on Face-Off… DRINK!!!
  9. Anytime Jeremy think of another reason to drink… DRINK!!!

Don’t wanna wait to play? Watch previous episodes of The Fenech Feud by clicking here!  Enjoy the game, and again please DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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